Why use Ally as your team assistant?

Ally is a flexible, adaptable and powerful option for engineering team leaders. Especially if you are using multiple services like Github, Jira, CircleCI. With it, you can:

Ally generates aggregated team standup report
Get aggregated reports

Connect to Ally: project, code, build, deployment and time management tools to get an aggregated view on events in your team.

Help your team by providing them with actionable information.

Assist your team in time

Monitor important things and help your team to solve issues quickly.

For example, get a notification when a pull request has too many comments to propose to take the discuss offline.

Ally provides too many comments alert for pull requests

Ally Github filters example
Reduce notification noise

Tweak your notifications to get only the important stuff.

Know what you need to know and let your team handle the rest.

Stay on top

Help your team move work forward by providing them with useful reminders, reports and monitors.

For instance, receive open pull requests every morning to increase team visibility on items where teammates need assistance.

Ally sends to Slack open pull requests in Github report

Developer assistant Ally

Team activity feeds, dashboards, smart actionable notifications, reminders and alerts across work apps

Ally is reinventing the way you connect tools together to help teams move work forward together

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